How to increase leads during Covid

At American Home Help we know that you want to be successful. In order to do that you need to market your services. The problem is you feel like you can not because of COVID which makes you feel helpless. We believe all patients should have the right to choose your services. We understand how difficult it is to get in front patients which is why we built American Home Help.

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Why Pay More Money for Less Leads

Magazines & Brochures

Why should we continue to spend so much money  advertising in products that do not produce leads. Its a new generation searching for your services. (They are online or using an App) 

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Yearly cost

Digital media

People spend thousands every year trying to create a digital interactive site for their companies. We do that for you at a fraction of the cost. 

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American Home Help

Use our platform to make it easier for your connections to work with you on potential leads.

EX. We give our customers a QR code to add to their marketing material. Once scanned it takes people directly to your profile where they can: call, message, email, fax, save contact, and more!

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#1 rule in sales - be in front of the right person at the right time

10,000+ healthcare professionals

Our team will automatically connect you to healthcare professionals looking for you or your services!

no middleman

When a patient searches for your services on the app or website, they get connected directly to you!

Return On Investment

American Home Help replaces the need to use several other costly marketing tools. Most of our customers will have a positive ROI before 90 days.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive a receipt emailed to you automatically each month. 

You can change your subscription plan anytime by login into your account and going to your dashboard.  

You can always edit the profile as needed from your account dashboard. 

Yes! When someone sends you a message from the app you will see it on the desktop and/or the app.